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Undergoing years’ hardship, Jiangsu Jiangdu Construction Group Co.,Ltd. has gained a skill of having no fear of difficulties and striving under impact of different economic periods in China. We take the lead in China’s construction field and have caught eyes of insiders and trust of users. This is the result of Jiangdu Construction people’s hard working for years.
Standing on the start-point of new economy in the 21st century, we attach importance to continually improving our business philosophy and deepening management and reform. We insist on being market-oriented and management-focused. Regarding technology as our capital, we do business honestly, scientifically manage and develop healthily. We execute human-oriented and harmonious emotional inter-personal communication, fine-focused completed working standard, strengthen training and learning, introduce high-tech talents to all-aroundly improve the quality of all our employees. Based on the leading industry, we march forward on the road of diversified development.
Opportunity co-exists with challenge. Honor goes together with dream. Let us unite, break forth after deep accumulation, innovate our business and build a modern enterprise carrier together. 

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